Glivec® is indicated for the

·Treatment of adult patients and children 3 years of age and above with Ph+ chronic myeloid  leukaemia (Ph+ -CML) in chronic phase, accelerated phase or blast crisis.


Posology for CML in adult patients

The recommended dosage of Glivec is 400 mg/day for adult patients in chronic phase CML. Chronic phase CML is defined when all of the following criteria are met: blasts < 15% in blood and bone marrow, peripheral blood basophils < 20%, platelets > 100 x 109/l. The recommended dosage of Glivec is 600 mg/day for adult patients in accelerated phase. Accelerated phase is defined by the presence of any of the following: blasts ≥ 15% but < 30% in blood or bone marrow, blasts plus promyelocytes ≥30% in blood or bone marrow (providing < 30% blasts), peripheral blood basophils ≥20%, platelets < 100 x 109/l unrelated to therapy.

The recommended dose of Glivec is 600 mg/day for adult patients in blast crisis. Blast crisis is defined as blasts ≥30% in blood or bone marrow or extramedullary disease other than hepatosplenomegaly.

Treatment duration: In clinical trials, treatment with Glivec was continued until disease progression. The effect of stopping treatment after the achievement of a complete cytogenetic response has not been investigated.

Dose increase from 400 mg to 600 mg or 800 mg in patients with chronic phase disease, or from 600 mg to a maximum of 800 mg (given as 400mg twice daily) in patients in accelerated phase or blast crisis may be considered in the absence of severe adverse drug reaction and severe non-leukemia-related neutropenia or thrombocytopenia in the following circumstances: disease progression (at any time); failure to achieve a satisfactory hematological response after at least 3 months of treatment; failure to achieve a cytogenetic response after 12 months of treatment; or loss of a previously achieved hematological and/or cytogenetic response. Patients should be monitored closely following dose escalation given the potential for an increased incidence of adverse reactions at higher dosages.


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