The responsible use of personal data is a core value at Novartis.

Novartis Group fully respects privacy laws and is subject to an internal framework of privacy rules and policies.

The internal transfer of data is governed by Binding Corporate Rules, so called “BCR”. BCR are a system of privacy principles, rules and tools intended to ensure the protection of personal data. This collection of rules represents today’s best practice to meet the European Economic Area’s (“EEA”) data protection requirements for the transfer of personal data within a Group of companies. To be legally effective, the BCR have been approved by EEA Data Protection Agencies. BCR regulate the mechanism of transfer of data inside the Novartis Group of companies.

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If you wish to contact us regarding how we use your personal data or you wish to exercise your data privacy rights, please email us at [email protected] or write us to the following address:

Novartis International AG
Global Privacy Office
Fabrikstrasse 18
4056 Basel


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